Intriguing Irrelevancies

The web links all of us to a range of information-sometimes a lot more than we anticipate, and to resources we did not know actually existed. When looking for ‘online dictionary’ I opened up a variety of ‘ordinary’ dictionaries, and so on sites because etymology book ( Adding ‘desert’ to my search query opened up sites while diverse because:
Dream Book (
as well as the Astrodigital On-line Dictionary of Meteoritics (

Like a large amount of people We sometimes get diverted coming from what I am doing at this time kind of interesting link showing up in front of me personally, of which is usually entirely unimportant to what I am doing. In this instance, I researched a meaning of the word ‘desert’ which I consequently found, however in the end did not end up applying. My search had not do with meteors known as ‘fireballs’ that are much lighter than regular meteors as they are roughly the dimensions of peas, incidents where the size of a grain of sand. I really like discovering this type of trivia. Fortunately, using the Internet makes researching considerably faster so I can extra a few minutes for connecting with interesting web sites, but still learn what seeing a desert means in a desire, before returning to linking with the details I need to understand today. You understand the next time I realize a very well lit meteor, I might remember it is just a ‘fireball’, and why it is bright.

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