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There is no harm in using technology that can bring quick profits. Some of these tools are designed to help AdSense publishers get a better understanding of how traffic flows through their sites. Some will help you understand which keywords give you more money and which locations give you the best AdSense payments.

One of them is AdSense Gold ( where this tool is able to give you a better understanding of ads and which formats really get more clicks.

The working system of this tool is by tracking the display and clicking on all publisher pages. Until it offers you to see which references each visitor visits.

In addition there are also other free tools, SynSense ( which are more of an AdSense monitoring tool. This sits in the tray and offers AdSense statistics that are actualized when you mouse over the icon. This is a very good tool for those who really focus on their Adsense.

Google gives you statistics in CSV format on their site. So just like someone makes this tool can automatically download files like that and then extract a lot of information from them. The tool is CSV AdStats and is available at

Then there are also these tools to find out Google rules 15 minutes and apply them, 15 minutes as the minimum time between updates. Google AdSense Notifier for Firefox can be obtained from

Well, for this one it might be the most interesting among the others, because the program itself is called the Gold Keyword out there that helps you get the best keywords for your site. This is very efficient and very easy to use. But it’s priced at $ 49.95 and can be obtained from

Software carriers like Google always update the system every day. So also with us must always know the information in order to be able to maintain the quality of Adsense.

Download format docx here

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