Content is Not King

It might be Queen, however it is definitely not Ruler and Items tell you so why. I’m actually tired of reading the benefits of content material when all the search engines place more value upon off-site affects. If content material really had been king and also you had 10 sites which were all on a single subject, well crafted and enhanced, how might the search engines decide which internet site was best? One of those sites is going to need to be first and one of those sites is going to need to be tenth. Very well, Google discovered an answer with this and that is off site influences, particularly link recognition – sites linking to your internet site. Each internet site linking for you is a “vote” for your internet site saying, “this site is all about so and thus. “

This kind of off-site impact is so solid that sites can get ranking extremely well intended for terms that don’t actually exist inside the site’s duplicate. If you search “miserable failure” on Google the #1 internet site is Biography of President George Bush . If you search the duplicate on the home page you’ll find that the word “miserable failure” does not including exist around the page. In the event that content is absolutely necessary how can a website rank #1 for a term that doesn’t even exist around the page? Isn’t very this informing us that content actually isn’t ruler and that hyperlink popularity is actually the famous power?

Excellent site which i put up intended for my mother’s book about chastity, sex and relationships . The whole publication is available to see online possibly on code pages or perhaps pdfs. The information is relevant and beautifully created. Is is usually #1 intended for chastity in an of the search engines like google? No . So why? Because it does not have link recognition.

Content is usually not Ruler and most likely never will probably be. It definitely assists, but it will not give you the excess weight in search engines that link recognition does right now.

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